Overworked Teens


Ron Lund, Writer

The typical day of a teenager includes getting up, going to school, and possibly work or other school activities. Many of us are left exhausted from the overwhelming workload that we receive from school during the day. At what cost is assigning extra homework really giving us?

“I work 15-19 hours a week including after school, and I usually get home around 10pm,” Trey Bruns, jr., said. “When I work late I have to stay up later and do a lot of homework and go to bed around midnight and wake up early the next day and do it all over,” Bruns also said.

Students are being overworked between school, work, and other activities and are lacking the time to simply be teenagers. In the U.S. a reported 47% of teens are employed on average 15-20 hours each week, an increase of about 10% in the last decade. In the fall season many students can add up to an extra 10 hours each week in result of school sports and other activities.

“I feel that if school were to get off an hour earlier and if teachers would be more considerate and give us less homework it would be great because many of us have other things to take care of,” Bruns stated. Although this is a dream of the thousands of American teens chances are that it will not happen as acknowledged by Bruns.

According to our parents, teachers, and even the University of Iowa the best way to stay on track of your activities and agenda is to stay organized. Statistics from the University of California-Berkeley show that those who stay organized are more successful in completing daily activities such as homework and chores.

It is obvious that the near future doesn’t show an ease in the length of school days or a release in the amount of homework handed out to the average teen therefor stay organized.

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