iPhone 6 reviews

Abby Donovan, Web Editor

“The iPhone 6 isn’t simply bigger, it’s better in every way,” Apple describes. The new iPhone came out on September 19, but the new iOS 8 software was released on September 17 to all iPhone’s from the 4s on.

“It has a bigger and nicer screen, it’s much faster and has a really good camera that takes good pictures,” Sydney Hayden, jr., said.

The iOS 8 offers a new picture editing tool, a new fitness app, a smarter keyboard suggesting appropriate words to use in a text, and a lot more features.

“I don’t think iOS 8 is that much different than the previous software update, the best feature is the new keyboard it’s easier to text and it comes up with the word you are usually looking for,“ Andrew Barmore, jr., said.

The new iPhone 6 comes in two different forms, the regular iPhone 6 is 5.7 inches, and the iPhone 6 plus offers users a larger 6 inch screen. It is much skinnier than any iPhone made before. It has a smooth metal surface with a better retina HD display.

“The size makes it harder for me to reach the top of the screen and sometimes it’s harder to hold onto, because I have small hands,” Hayden said.

The new iPhone 6 is very efficient; it has a longer lasting battery that lets you do more for longer.

The new iPhone offers an iSight camera with focus pixels, along with new video features such as, slow mo, and the time lapse video mode. It has faster LTE downloads and just like the iPhone 5s it has the security feature right at your finger tips.

The iPhone 6 also allows users to pay in store within apps using only their phone. Apple explains that iOS 8 is the world’s most advanced operating system.