Students evacuate


Ron Lund, Writer

Kennedy students experienced a cold, wet, rainy morning as the fire alarms went off about 7:15, leaving many to wonder if it was a drill or the real thing.

“We’re not sure what’s causing it and we are trying to figure it out,” Rob Labs, Cedar Rapids firefighter said. “The alarms are automated and we come when they go off.”

Students were also surprised, “is this another drill?” Meghan Smith, jr., said.

At 7:36 am students and faculty were allowed to renter the building.



According to information sent out by Benjamin Arp, a science teacher at Kennedy, the fire alarm was set off due to a solar storm currently going on. More information about that can be found here.



Information acquired from Jason Kline, Kennedy High School principal, suggested that, “As far as I know the fire alarm company said something is wrong with the alarms, and there was not a fire.”