Kennedy Parking: A Q&A with Jim Muench, Kennedy High School’s Vice Principal

Q: How many spots are available in Kennedy’s south lot?

A: “362.”


Q: How many parking permits for the south lot were issued?

A: “More than 362. No one pays for them so anyone who is a junior or senior and is a licenced driver is eligible for a south lot permit, as is printed in the parking information. First come, first serve.”


Q: If students can’t find a spot in the south lot, where do they park?

A: “They have to find a spot somewhere else. Some seniors are eligible for spots in the north lot, if they apply.”



Q: What is done to address reckless driving in the south lot?

A: “We try to monitor that as best we can. If we know people who are driving recklessly we will deal with them. Parking privileges can be and will be revoked if we can identify the culprit or culprits.”


Q: Will Kennedy ever get more parking?

A: “I’m not so pessimistic to think itll never happen, but it’s highly unlikely. We just a got a situation with our attendance area where we cover a lot of geographic area. We have 19 buses that come here to school everyday to transport students because they live outside of three miles. If all of those kids decided to drive, and many of the families have the means, there’s no way.”


Q: Has the amount of kids driving themselves to school increased since last year?

A: “We can only really go by the number of students who are seniors and juniors this year. Last year’s senior class was relatively small, but if I remember right, last year’s sophomore class was about the same as the senior’s class.”