Kennedy students participate in art day

Macy Anderson

Six Kennedy students participated in Mt. Mercy’s art day Friday April 11th. The day is full of art related activities created for high school art students.

High School Art Day is an annual event held at Mt. Mercy University that helps promote art and introduces their campus to the students that attend.

The Kennedy students were dismissed out of class and missed the school day to attend this event with their fellow classmates and artists.

Students submitted their artwork and received notice if they had been chosen to participate in the art day held at Mt. Mercy University.

Emily Fitzpatrick, jr., was one of the Kennedy students whose artwork was chosen. Fitzpatrick submitted her painting “Miracles” and was happy to participate.

The activities offered had a wide range of art styles including tie dye and painting. Participants picked what type of art activities they were most interested in such as crayon art and henna tattoos.

“We listened to a speaker, and did a lot of fun activities like sculpting,” Fitzpatrick said.

High School Art Day aims to help high school art students learn new techniques and new ways to produce art. “We listened to a speaker who explained the way he does his art and that was really interesting,” Anastasia Timofeeva, sr., said.

Timofeeva submitted her piece “Color Collisions”, which is a self-portrait made out of skittles. Timofeeva and Fitzpatrick both accepted their offers and attended the event.

“It was fun listening and learning from people who have a lot of art experience and know new techniques. I had fun and learned a lot,” Timofeeva said.