Happiness prepares for National competition


Happiness, varsity show choir is planning for their trip to the National show choir competition in Nashville Tennessee. “There is a lot of planning that goes into it with all of the hotel reservations, raising the money to be able to go and communicating with the venue,” Storm Ziegler, Happiness Director said. The competition is held at the Grand Ole Opry and Happiness will perform on Friday April 4th.

The trip added an extra $700 to the fee that choir members had to pay making the total, $1,100. “Students sell food, we charge admission fees for events and we had a crowed sourcing event online to raise the money,” Ziegler said.

Happiness attends Nationals every other year, two years ago they beat  groups from all across the country, winning the whole competition. “It was a huge surprise when we won, we weren’t expecting it at all,” Joe Flesner, sr. said.

Flesner was a member of the team two years ago, as a sophomore and gets to experience it all over again this year. “I think it will be just as fun if not more fun than two years ago because this group is really close,” Flesner said.

Most students only have the opportunity to go once during high school. “I am really excited because I have heard so much about it from people that went two years ago,” Leah Beman, jr. said.

The preparation began last spring when the group learned the show that they would be performing throughout the season. “There are a lot of practices throughout the season but I think that it is worth it,” Beman said.