Premiere Concert



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The Kennedy Show choirs are kicked off their season with the premier concert where audiences got a taste of the each of the groups shows.

Chanteurs, the freshman show choir, is preparing for a successful season. “We are well rehearsed and ready to put on a great show,” Chanteurs member, Austin Maus said.

They have increased the number of practices and have held choreography camps in order to perfect their show. “It is a good high energy show that will impress audiences,” Maus said.

The prep show choir Protégé has been preparing for a successful season throughout the summer and into the fall all while adjusting to a new director.

“It is a really good show, it flows well together,” Protégé member Amelia Miller said. Protégé is planning on having team bonding activities throughout the year.

“We have gone to movies, bowling and picnics together for team bonding,” Happiness member Emily Phelps said. It is important for these groups to be close as a team to insure their ability to work together as a team.

This year the Happiness show will be themed, the theme was not announced until audiences saw it for the first time at the premier concert. “It is something different, we have never done anything like this before,” Phelps said.