The 300


On August 31, 2013 former NFL football player Brian Holloway received a call that his house in Stephentown, New York had been broken into and vandalized. There was roughly 300 individuals that had broken into the house to have a house party.

The teens broke screens and windows, spray painted all over the house and deck, and stole some of Holloway’s personal belongings including a granite eagle statue in honor of his stillborn grandson. When all was said and done the teenagers were said to have cause around $20.000 in damage to the property.

The teens were tweeting and posting pictures on Instagram during the whole thing. Holloway gave the teenagers a chance to avoid charges. If they confessed and showed up to help clean the house that would be the end of it. Only five people showed up to help Holloway.

A large amount backlash is coming from the parents of the teenagers. They are upset that pictures of their children are being put on social media. Since the pictures were posted on public media platforms Holloway is legally permitted to repost them. There are also many parents in support of Holloway, some even outing their own kids for attending the party.

Since most of evidence that police would need was posted on social networking there should be no problem convicting the teens if Holloway decides to press charges. A list of over 100 names of teens in attendance is posted on along with pictures and tweets from many of the teens.

Holloway hopes others will learn from the actions of the 300. He is most concerned at the fact that so many teens were in one place drinking, doing drugs and driving. He hopes this will be the beginning of the end for that kind of behavior. Holloway hopes that this incident will teach teens to be more responsible when it comes to their actions at parties.