Bowling begins its 2011 season

Torch Coverage

By Terin Kane


Ready, set, bowl! Kennedy girls’ bowling team began practicing on Nov. 7 at Cedar Rapids Bowling Center.

Team members say that it’s a sport to play for fun, but it gets competitive with other area schools.

Coach Scott Bader is optimistic on how this year’s season will go. “This season might be a learning season and by the end we will be a lot better.”

One of the goals of Kathleen Brown, fr., is to maintain an average that is acceptable for Bader. She believes that some of the team’s stronger players are the ones who have been bowling for a few years and they show how important it is to take their competition seriously.

Bader is preparing his students differently this year, asking the girls to do drills, and to watch and learn from other bowlers. He hopes to finish at a 500 season and go to state finals.