Girls’ soccer mid season report


Maddy Crist

The Kennedy girls’ soccer team is already mid-way through their season. They are coming back from a very successful season last year, winning the 3A state championship.

The girl’s record so far this year is 5-3, compared to last year’s total record of 17-4.

“I think we are better than we were at the start of the season, we had six new freshman on our team so it took a while to get a flow going,” Jessica Wagner, so., said.

The team came into the season without five seniors from last year and six new freshmen. It might have called for a leadership adjustment.

“I don’t think this season and last are very comparable. We lost five seniors last year and we had really good leadership,” Wagner said.

To get to where they want to be, practice will be a key part in reaching success.

“In practices we do a lot of work with the ball. I think the practices are pretty productive, some are better than others,” Wagner said.

The goal for this team is still to go to state and be successful. For the last seven years, the Kennedy girls’ soccer team has made a state appearance. The goal for this year is to make their eighth run. In the last seven years the team has brought home two championships.

“To do better we need to talk, work as a team, and pass the ball. I think if we work really hard we can go back to state,” Wagner said.