Student committee begins prom preparations

Sarah Sickles

Seniors! Did you know that there is a committee that is planning your prom?

 The prom committee members include the seniors who ran for senior class office last year including Ali Ajango, sr., and Shane Williams, sr. “I think we all decided we wanted more input from the senior class, and help. It’s a big project! We wanted to open it up to more people,” supervisor Heather Zwanziger said.

Prom Committee meets every Thursday morning during announcements and Channel One in Zwanziger’s room. The meetings are led by Krista Anderson, sr., and are supervised by Zwanziger. Topics discussed include bake sales,  D.J.’s, and post prom activities.

Last Wednesday after school, members of the Prom Committee watched YouTube videos of the potential hypnotists for post prom. They then decided upon one based on price and product.

The hopes for this year’s prom are high. The willingness for students to participate and plan their own prom fuels the fire. The support in purchasing doughnuts, going to Buffalo Wild Wings, and bake sales has raised a lot of funds. Students should also plan on attending the fundraising rave that will possibly be held between thanksgiving and winter break.

If you are interested in becoming a member in Prom Committee, contact Heather Zwanziger or Krista Anderson.