Morgan Schwab

Leggings. The ‘go-to’ pants of the famale population here at Kennedy High School. I, personally, love leggings, especially for those lazy days that you want to look presentable and still be comfortable.

Think of this as your “leggings rule book”: first thing’s first, if you purchase leggings under $10, odds are they’re going to be a bit see through. And that’s okay, to a certain extent! Just please, for the sanity of your classmates, wear a shirt that is long enough to cover your butt. Leggings ARE pants, but they were technically made for being worn under short dresses, long and baggy sweaters, long and flowy shirts, etc.

The biggest ‘don’t’ with leggings that I see way more often than I should is when see through leggings are worn with a shirt that is too short. No one wants to see all your goods. Come on, you have to leave something to the imagination!

Now on the topic of yoga pants… I guess if you’ve got it, flaunt it. Yoga pants are fine to be worn with sweatshirts and t-shirts but nothing tight. They’re always okay to work out in as well.

The main points that im trying to get across here are wear leggings with a shirt covering your butt if possible but if it’s just ‘one of those days’ than it’s alright to bend the rules every now and then. Don’t forget how cute leggings look with boots.