Seniors prepare for last pep assembly

Hannah Bruns

Each trimester Kennedy students attend pep assemblies to start off the new sports staring. This spring will be the last assembly the class of 2013 will be attending. Seniors are bracing themselves for another end to their traditions here at Kennedy.

“It’s kind of sad,” said Tory Harman, sr. Harman along with other seniors seem bittersweet when it comes to the idea. Focusing on the positives is what many have been doing to cope. “I mean, It’s going to be fun still because we’re a pretty obnoxious group,” said Harman.

Some seniors who have skipped many of the assemblies may be changing their minds as well with it slowly approaching. “I actually didn’t go to the last one, but I plan to this time, just because it’s our last,” said Connor Gradoville, sr.

Mixed feelings have had a big effect on student’s attitudes entering the assembly and continue to be the main factor in goals for the outcome of the spirit stick.  “I’ve had a good time here at Kennedy and all things have their time, so I’m still really looking forward to it,” said Thomas Kaisar, sr. Kaisar, along with other boys and girl dance team members will be performing a fan favorite co-ed dance.