Make A Wish

Morgan Schwab

Kennedy High School’s Student Government helped host the chili supper held at Aegon last Thursday, Jan 29. for the Make a Wish Foundation.

“The Make a Wish Foundation helps kids who are diagnosed with a terminal illness get a wish that hopefully helps them recover and fight through a serious illness,”  Joe Benedict, advisor of student govt., said.

“The Make a Wish Foundation is nationwide and they help kids that either have just had a really big surgery or have terminal cancer and we work to raise money to put toward their wishes,” Morgan Mitchell, vice president of student govt., said.

Student government makes a donation and provides workers for the chili supper to support the foundation. Students from Linn-Mar High School helped as well.

In previous years, the children have wished to have dinner with Cinderella in her castle at Disney World, and meet the Wiggles. The Make a Wish Foundation raises money to make these wishes come true.

The foundation helps the children in need because it gives them something to look forward too. If their wish comes true, that is a blessing for the entire family, especially knowing their child got what they’ve always wanted, even if they don’t recover.

Kennedy High School student government will continue to help support the Make a Wish Foundation in the future.

“The chili supper was last Thursday and it went very smoothly,” Mitchell said.