No Holiday Assembly this year

No Holiday Assembly this year

Jason Grobstich

The week before break at Kennedy; the week where students are getting excited for the holidays and are ready to go on break, but something is missing. This year, there will be no holiday assembly, which is where band, choir, and orchestra all performed holiday themed songs for the school.

“It’s really the decision of the music directors,” Dr. Wilcynski, principal, said. “They just feel like it’s very hard to orchestrate. It’s just so stressful and difficult, they just decided they didn’t want to do it.”

Wilcynski says that you still have the opportunity to hear the musical groups perform at large school assemblies, but due to the amount of time needed to put this all together, it simply was decided the assembly wouldn’t happen this year.

Performing students are going to miss this assembly as well. Kelsey White, sr., is sad she won’t be singing again in the holiday assembly. “I’m really bummed, actually. I really enjoyed the assembly, it was fun and there were sweater contests.”

Another choir student, Tanner Boyle, sr., is also going to miss it. “I think it kind of sucks because I’ve always looked forward to it and getting out of class for part of a day to do something that I love [singing.],” Boyle said. But he also understands why they aren’t going to repeat the assembly this year. “There wasn’t a whole lot of respect for it last year.”

“I was looking forward to playing in the concert, and I kind of liked it,” Wiatt Cariveau, sr. and band member, said. Cariveau is sad as well because he was looking forward to playing in the jazz band this year.

Though many will miss it, the time and stress, mixed in with not enough respect meant that the holiday assembly would not be back this year.

“It was just a tradition they were ready to give up,” Wilcynski said.