Foyer Frenzy

Maddy Crist

The foyer. As any Kennedy student would know, it is a jungle of people. Streams of students try to wiggle their way through the hundreds of people. Some students are practically running to try to get to their class on time. Most of us though, use the few precious minutes we have of passing time to chat with our friends.

Overcrowding is an issue every year at Kennedy. This problem will always come to a school whose student body is so big. A little more than 1,700 students roam the hallways at Kennedy and I don’t think that factor will change anytime soon. There is nothing we can really do, except to avoid chaos by taking the back hallways.

Every grade has their own area they stand in during passing time. Sophomores spot just happens to be right smack in the middle of the hallway. We hear it everyday, “MOVE! Get out of my way. Oh. My. Gosh. Seriously?” Most times though, students will use stronger language than that. People just try to shove and push their way through like there isn’t a giant group of students standing there.

I know that we are sometimes in the way, but I don’t see another alternative. If someone else has another spot to move the entire sophomore class, feel free to share it with us.  We don’t enjoy hearing dozens of people cuss at us to move every minute. In the meantime, lets keep it classy Kennedy.