Kinder Kennedy Partners With Best Buddies to Host Disco Night


Molly Martin

Posters promoting the event hang through the school.

On Friday, March 31 Kinder Kennedy is hosting Kennedy’s first Disco Dance. The disco dance is one of several events to encourage a sense of belonging.  

Kinder Kennedy is a club at Kennedy that spreads positivity. 

“Kinder Kennedy is a club to promote kindness in our society and school. We do different events and activities to spread positivity in our school,” Eden Lutz said, a member of Kinder Kennedy and Best Buddies. 

Best Buddies spreads inclusivity and promotes positivity. Best buddies holds events to connect people across the school, disabilites or not.  

“Its a club that is more for students with disabilities and people without disabilities to come together in activities to develop long-lasting friendships,” Mary Gibney said, the leader of the Best Buddies club.

The Disco Dance was introduced by Kinder Kennedy to include the Best Buddies program. This dance is an opportunity for students to enjoy a dancea and be themselves. Typical high school dances can be overwhelming, and this is an opportunity to avoid the packed gym.

“Many students, both inside and outside of the Best Buddies program, do not feel comfortable at a traditional school dance; maybe the music is too loud, maybe the crowds are too much, or maybe they just don’t enjoy dancing,” Christina Langton said, leader of Kinder Kennedy.

Best Buddies and Kinder Kennedy are excited to be able to inspire inclusion together. All students are encouraged to attend. 

“This event promotes inclusion. How often do you get to spend time with those in our Best Buddies program? This is a great opportunity to meet someone new, enjoy each other’s company, and make Kennedy a place where everyone feels accepted and loved.” Christina Langton said.