MVC Schools Show Sportsmanship as Cougars Advance to State


Merideth Langton

The Cougars pose after receiving their state qualifiers banner.

As the Cougars advanced to the state basketball tournament, other schools in the Mississippi Valley Conference (MVC) congratulated them on their winning season. Rival schools supported the Cougars as they prepared to head to Des Moines on Wednesday, March 8.

“Conferences are like our second sports family. Outside of our school, that’s who we root for,” said varsity head coach Jon McKowen. In-town rival Cedar Rapids Jefferson had this to say on Twitter, “Go win it all! The Westside is rooting for you!” Kennedy took on Jefferson in the now history-making game on Dec 9. that ended in a final score of 113-37.

Congratulations Coach McKowen & Cedar Rapids Kennedy, the MVC is rooting for you next week!

— Wahawk Basketball


The Cougars take on the Spartans of Pleasant Valley on Wed. Mar 8 at 2 p.m for the state tournament quarterfinals.