Scholarship Available to Seniors in Memory of Sabrina Jackson

Sabrina Jacksons photo taken before her death.

Cedar Rapids Community School District

Sabrina Jackson’s photo taken before her death.

After Sabrina Jackson passed away on June 15, 2021, Japanese teacher Daniel Carolin started a memorial fund to keep her memory alive as a scholarship.

The memorial scholarship will go to one or two graduating seniors who display the qualities of Sabrina, including interest in music, asian studies and political activism. 

Sabrina was a student of Carolin’s for 4 years, traveled in the Japanese student exchange program, hosted exchange students and studied Japanese in college.

“What happened was very dark and unfortunate,” Carolin said. “Sabrina was always such a nice kid, always nice to everybody that she talked to.”

Interested donors can donate through the Cedar Rapids Community School District Foundation, specifying the donation in memory of Sabrina Jackson.