CRCSD Plans to Open a New Magnet High School


Cedar Rapids Community School District

CRCSD plans to open a new magnet high school in the 2023-2024 school year.

Kaitlyn Dolphin, Writer

An alternative educational opportunity is being introduced to the Cedar Rapids Community School District. City View Community High School is scheduled to open its doors in the 2023-24 school year. It is a public magnet school that aims to offer a new learning experience, putting emphasis on creating a student-led environment.

City View will be the district’s sixth magnet school and first magnet high school. Magnet schools are meant to give students more choices in how and what they learn. The school plans to offer a theme and project-based learning environment to its students as they approach their futures.

“Our curriculum and learning will be focused on students exploring areas of interest and potential paths for their life after high school,” Dan DeVore, principal of Iowa BIG and City View Community High School.

While a location for the school has not yet been secured, it is important to leaders that City View be located somewhere in downtown Cedar Rapids. This has become a priority as they want to offer a location where students can experience the perks the city has to offer.

“Our location downtown will allow students to more easily interact with community leaders and organizations,” DeVore said.

City View could change extracurriculars for students. They plan on offering clubs upon opening but more will be formed based on student and staff interests and capabilities.

“For major programs such as sports, band and choir students will be able to participate at their resident schools,” DeVore said.

As students transition into an environment that they determine, leaders are aware of challenges that may occur. The faculty is confident that obstacles can be overcome with the help of a committed staff and strong community. 

“New things are scary,” DeVore said. “Most students know what to expect from traditional education settings and there is comfort in that. City View will allow opportunities for new experiences that will help students be prepared for life after high school.

In its first year, City View will welcome only nine and tenth-grade students. Eleventh and twelfth graders are to be added in the years to follow. 100 slots are open for both ninth and tenth grade and in the case that more than 100 applications are received, the student body will be determined by a blind lottery.

“While we know there will be bumps next year we also know that our staff will be focused on solving these issues from a student-centered approach,” DeVore said.