Iowa’s Go Green Incentives


"Installing solar panels" by OregonDOT is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Renewable energy has been growing in Iowa in recent years.

Joshua Barker, Writer

After many years of research and mounting political pressure, renewable energy gained a foothold in the United States. Now in an attempt to further renewables usage the federal and state governments are taking action. So what should you know about this new effort?

In recent years Iowa has begun its 2050 net-zero carbon emission goal. Currently, about one-third of the energy produced in Iowa comes from wind. While this is a lot of energy there is still not enough to even come close to the state’s goals. Due to this, Iowa has joined the federal government in producing incentives for purchasing and installing solar panels.

These incentives range from tax exemptions, credits and rebates. Some power companies such as Linn County Rural Electric pay for additional solar energy that goes unused which can turn your monthly bill into a monthly check. These incentives have helped promote growth within the solar energy industry.

Cedar Rapids resident Chad Hoffman installed solar panels on his home several years ago. He recommended the average Iowan family invest in solar energy.

“The only reason I did it [was] because it made financial sense…I think energy prices are just going to go up,” said Hoffman.

Hoffman’s statement on energy prices will likely be accurate as well. The global demand for energy shows no signs of slowing down and energy production will be unlikely to keep up. This has helped form a strong demand for renewable energies in Iowa.