Summer School is Saving Students’ GPA


Lindsey Matus

Many Kennedy students will continue school during the summer.

Kennedy’s summer school will start on June 6 and go through July 1. The goal is to help students earn first-time credit or take part in credit recovery.

“I’m hoping that kids get to look forward to working at their own pace and get to understand the topics without feeling rushed or stressed,” Counselor Elizabeth Wessels said. 

Summer school was moved completely online because it’s summer, kids don’t want to stay in the school building. If students need additional help they can come into the building.  

“I’m most excited to see the students excel and be able to choose their own path,” Wessels said. “If they want to finish five-plus hours of their work then they have that option. Some students are able to finish their course before the time is over.”

Summer school is an additional way for students to get all the credits they need to be able to graduate early or get their core classes out of the way to do more electives. According to Verywell Family, summer school makes a major difference in helping kids succeed.

“Summer school is such an amazing opportunity for kids to excel at their own pace and in a space that they feel most comfortable in,” Wessels said.=

Students might not want to ask questions in front of a classroom full of their peers. When students get to have one on one practice with their teachers they are more likely to ask questions without feeling pressure or judgment from their peers. 

“We hope that students understand their future is important to us and we want them to feel most comfortable,” Wessels said.