Kennedy Horseshoe Becomes Dangerous

Sonja Woerner, Writer

Kennedy Horseshoe Floods


On Friday, April 22, Kennedy’s horseshoe flooded. The standing water caused people to have issues with breaking and hydroplaning, making accidents much more likely. It’s creating a dangerous situation, especially for inexperienced and young high school drivers.

This is one of the reasons why Kennedy is remodeling the horseshoe, ripping out the old asphalt and replacing it. The goal is to make a safer parking area that can accommodate more people.

The remodel will begin as soon as school has ended and completion is scheduled for well before the 2022-2023 school year begins.

“The design could also be better,” Student Resource Officer Drew Tran said. “The horseshoe bottlenecks really easily, so it gets congested. A remodel is a really good idea.”