Crumbl: Is the Hype Worth the Bite?


Crumbl is quickly becoming Iowa’s favorite cookies place.

Crumbl Cookies has become the gem of America with their famous cookies, rotating selection and iconic pink boxes. Many say this company makes the most delectable desserts they have tasted, but others say Crumbl’s sweetness is repulsive. 

Crumbl Cookies is a bakery that specializes in gourmet cookies and ice cream. It is currently the second most popular cookie company in the nation. It originated in Logan, Utah, and began its business in 2017. It has since branched out to more than 300 locations nationwide, with two in Iowa.

While Crumbl started with only chocolate chip cookies, they have branched out to offer over 100 flavors ranging from classic chocolate chip to the cereal milk sandwich cookie. 

This wide variety of flavors has attracted all sorts of customers with different preferences. In order to accommodate the multitude of flavors, Crumbl has a rotating menu with their two classics, chocolate chip and pink sugar, along with four different flavors every week.

Crumbl also gets feedback and inspiration from others to improve their cookies and decide new flavors. This practice first originated when the founders used outside help to create the perfect chocolate chip cookie. 

Another practice Crumbl features is a viewing window to see the process of their cookie creation. Even the ovens and chilling stations use glass covers so customers can see inside. 

Crumbl Cookie founders Jason McGowan and Sawyer Hemsley have written, “From day one, it was important … that Crumbl customers see their cookies being mixed, balled, baked and dressed in real-time.”

An advantage that Crumbl Cookie has over competitors is its iconic pink boxes. The design attracts the customers, and the taste keeps them coming.

Torch sampled flavors featured the week of Feb. 7 in a party box, which included two Cake Batter Blondies, s’mores, hazelnut churro, buckeye brownie, and the classics, milk chocolate chip and vanilla sugar. Freshman Tori Paga sampled the s’mores cookie and admitted it was delicious.

“This is my first time having Crumbl, and honestly, it’s really good,” Paga said. “I generally don’t like cookies, but their s’mores cookie was really good. I enjoyed it.”

Even though the cookies were up to her standards, they were very sweet. The cookies were split into four parts each, and even then they were still a little overpowering.

When I sampled the chocolate chip cookie, it was clear why the taste had brought in so many customers. While the cookie was very powerful and definitive in its flavor, the flour stood out a little too much among the other ingredients. Still, the taste left me wanting for more.

Taking all into consideration, Tori and I would definitely eat Crumbl again. The sweetness and flavor profile has made our list of top cookies, and I would certainly recommend it to others.