Parlor City Opening June 2


Neenah Al-Yassiri

Parlor City has been closed for six months due to COVID-19.

With summer just around the corner, heat waves will be among us soon. Those days where you feel as though your skin is melting as sweat trickles down your body. You become out of breath from a walk, and sticking your head in the freezer is one of the only reliefs. On those days, people usually crave one thing: ice cream. For Iowans, there’s an easy ice cream option, a local business named Parlor City.

Parlor City has been a local staple for summer treats for over 50 years. They provide everything from soft serve ice cream and other frozen treats to lunch and dinner options. With many of their recipes unchanged from when they opened, they provide an almost nostalgic feeling for their loyal customers. Their success is evident in their sales and popularity throughout the years. They have done so well they opened a second location in Marion, but like a lot of local businesses, this year hasn’t been kind to them.

Parlor City’s Cedar Rapids location closes during the winter months and reopens around April. This year, they won’t open their business until June 2. They haven’t had enough employees to open the location because of a lack of applications this year. Even though they’re still planning to open, they’re hours will decrease. Instead of being open their normal seven days a week, they  are planning on opening Wednesday through Sunday. 

This year has been a struggle for a lot of small businesses. These businesses need our support more than ever this summer, so stop by Parlor City located on 42nd Street on a hot day. You’ll  get tasty frozen treats as well as support a local business.