Girls’ basketball looking for new leadership


Lydia Martin

Coach Dennis Roloff has been coaching girls basketball for Kennedy for 21 years. He retired as a teacher last year and was on a one-year coaching contract. He had a 314-165 win-lose record.

Roloff was not fired; his contract just will not be extended.

“Dr. W. and I just saw some opportunities for different leadership and different direction and we felt that now was the time for this rather than in two or three years,” Aaron Stecker, activities director, said. “Anytime there is a change, my goal is always to have the program be better after the change. Most times I think that works out, but sometimes it does not.”

Stecker said the hiring process for the new coach will be the same as any time a new coach is hired. The process is usually looking at the applications, then “we will look at the best applicants, we will interview the top, and make a decision on who we think is best to take our program forward.”

He said they are “looking to hire somebody who will maximize our potential, and who is going to develop kids on the court and off.”

“Coach Roloff has been a great coach for us,” Stecker said. “He’s a great man.”