Kennedy Show Choir Auditions Begin for Next Year


Merideth Langton

Jossalyn Sheeley, so., holds the final pose of “Don’t Stop Me Now”.

Kennedy High School is now taking auditions for next year’s show choirs. Students who want to join have to submit  vocal and dance audition videos to a website provided by the choir directors.

For the vocal audition video, students have to include videos of them singing two major scales, one of a lower range (A,B or C) and the other of a higher range (E,F or G). After the scales, the ending of the vocal audition video needs to include 20-30 seconds of a song of choice. Students’ faces should be visible during the entire video.  

The dance audition video must show the participant’s entire body. The performer’s face must also be visible. The run-throughs have to be performed twice in a row on the same video.

The show choir website lists more information about the submission process and what to name the dance and vocal audition videos. Audition clips need to be submitted by April 16, 2021.

You can visit the website here.