Improv Night a success for the One Campaign


Isabel Neff

The Kennedy Improv team hosted their 3rd annual One Campaign Improv Night in the black box last Friday, March 9. The night was their most successful one yet.

The One Campaign is a national campaign that seeks to end world hunger. The money the campaign raises helps package food for third world countries who are struggling with starvation.

Every year we have the goal of raising $10,000 to package 40,000 meals for the people struggling without food. Kennedy holds many fundraisers to raise the money. There are dollar wars, One Night, t- shirt sales, donations, and Improv Night.

“This year was our most successful year,” Tanner Boyle, jr., said. “We helped raise about $1500 for the One Campaign.”

The Improv Troupe consists of Shane Nielsen, sr., juniors Ali Bennett, Tanner Boyle, Jacob Frazier- Flores, Jack Green, Andrew Hanzelka, Jonah Heskje, Henna McCoy, and Marty Robinson, and freshmen Fatima Elsheikh, George Qi, and Derek Ray.

The event was held in the Black Box, which caused some problems with seating. “We had to start turning people away,” said Boyle. He said that they had to, because the fire code for the black box allowed only a certain number of people.

The Improv Team will be holding another Improv Night for the Speech department later in May, probably in the auditorium. They have a goal to raise $2000 for the Speech team.