Iowa Governor Mandates Fully In-Person School Option


Iowa Public Radio Images

Photo Via Iowa Public Radio Images. Kim Reynolds speaking to her constituents in Iowa.

Maggie Talbott-Malone, Writer

On Thursday, Jan. 28, both chambers of the Iowa Legislature approved a legislation that will require Iowa schools to give parents the option of sending their children to school in-person every day. 

The legislation was signed Friday, Jan. 29 by Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds, and will go into effect on Feb. 15. This allows schools two weeks to transition into offering full in-person learning. 

Iowa schools can still offer fully virtual and hybrid learning options in addition to the now required in-person option. Districts have to give parents at least five days of notice so they have time to decide.

Iowa school districts can also apply to go fully virtual if the district has high positivity rates.

The bill will stay in effect until the end of the 2020-2021 school year, which ends on June 30.