Kennedy Students ‘March For Their Lives’


Elise Hrabik

Kennedy students participating in a walkout to protest gun violence.

On Jan. 29, dozens of kennedy high school students participated in a walkout in response to recent gun related events on campus and in the Cedar Rapids community. In 21 degree weather and light snow, students marched through the school’s south parking lot and to nearby church Lovely Lane. They followed the assumed path of the suspect that reportedly robbed a student on school property on Jan. 27. 

Raafa Elsheikh, jr., a participant and speaker at the event stressed her concerns regarding the action taken by the school administration.

“I think that administration and the whole CRCSD was very poor in their handling this issue,” Elsheikh said, “I want the only thing i have to worry about at school is my math test not my life. Currently, I literally fear my safety every single day I step my foot into Kennedy High school.”

Paper tags focused on NRA funding received by state politicians were distributed to those who participated. Students chanted phrases such as ‘I want to live’ and ‘End the violence’ as they spoke about security and protocol within the school and how they demand change.