Romaine Calm: Lettuce Club is Here


A Lettuce Club participant takes a big bite of lettuce.

From the banana sprite challenge to the spicy noodle challenge, Lettuce club is the new and healthy challenge coming to Kennedy High School. 

Dylan Sines is the first-ever head of lettuce club at our school. He recently learned about the club at a college visit and is excited to bring it to Kennedy. 

“I went to a college visit and they were talking about clubs. They mentioned lettuce club and just kept bringing it up. I thought it would just be fun,” Sines said. 

The clubs only meeting is on December 20th. Whoever finishes a head of lettuce first becomes the new head of lettuce club. The person who is appointed head of lettuce club will be very busy next year, planning the only meeting. 

“We have 38 people signed up online but only 12 people have confirmed by paying so far. We are hoping for more,” Sines said. 

It is $5 to enter the club. The money goes toward buying the lettuce. Each extra dollar they make goes to planting a tree with the Team Tree charity, One dollar equals one tree planted. 

“I was originally thinking for something that involves hunger but then I saw that the Team Tree charity was getting a lot of recognition,” Sines said. 

Anyone is welcome to sign up. If eating an entire head of lettuce seems too bland, don’t forget to bring dressing.