Top 10 ways to pass your finals


Mohammad Cheetany

1. Study with your animal companions. Kittens and puppies make great study partners and will motivate you to do better.

2. Find out how many questions your multiple choice finals are, get a Scantron sheet, and pre-fill random bubbles to take the stress of bubbling so many answers during those Finals tests.

3. Get all senses involved in the test, aside sight the other senses get jealous which is the reason you get incredibly stressed. Spend 4-7 minutes licking, smelling, listening, and feeling your test to get all senses properly engaged.

4. Up late doing your last minute studies? Try a polyphasic sleep cycle! Throw off your R.E.M cycle by taking three 30 minute naps at random intervals during the day.

5. Worried about remembering material from the textbook? Sleep with the textbook under your pillows, chances are you’ll retain ALL information from it.

6. Have Facebook study groups. Create a group with your dearest friends from your classes and talk the material through, there is no possible way you can get distracted that way!

7. Worried about being late to your first final? Eat breakfast the night before so the sugary whole grain cereal is best absorbed.

8. Walk into the classroom of your finals backwards. It’s a fact that if you walk into a casino backwards you’ll acquire good luck; it’s the same for school.

9. Halfway through each test, do your favorite yoga poses in your desk or on the ground near your desk, it helps relieve the stress that comes halfway through and if you get friends to join, they’ll be less stressed as well.

10.Ask your teachers for final tests of previous trimesters or years, chances are one or two questions will be on those and you’ll be one or two steps ahead of the game.