Sophomore Diver Makes a Splash

Kennedy swimmer preparing to dive into the pool at their meet.

Kaylia Richards

Kennedy swimmer preparing to dive into the pool at their meet.

Annie Haars, Writer

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Sophomore diver Audrey Leno secures 7th place out of 21 divers at Cougar Invitational last month. 

The Cougar Invite was held on September 28 at the Kennedy Pool. Leno was one of the four divers that competed for Kennedy, and has been diving for two and a half years. Before that she was in gymnastics for seven years.

“My favorite dive to do is a front double in (a) tuck position because they are fun and pretty easy,” said Leno.

At the meet, Leno scored a 336.45. The other Kennedy divers that competed Saturday were Anna Cater, Ellie Pins, and Lacey Neighbor. Cater scored a 316.55, Pins scored a 310.65, and Neighbor scored a 203.15.

As a team, the Cougars placed 3rd out of seven teams. 

“It (coaching the girls) is fun to see how they progress and to follow them through the years is rewarding,” said Leslie Nelson, Kennedy’s Diving coach.

With only four meets left in the season, the girls swim and dive team continues to get stronger and improve their scores. 

“The girls dove very consistently and I’m very proud of them,” said Nelson