One- to- One


Student Jami Martin-Trainor so., works hard on the computer to complete her school work.

Alyssa Friedley, Writer

Having access to technology will give students the ability to work online during class, which can overall boost the amount of work we get done in one day. Going one- to- one will create an advanced learning environment that allows students access to assignments at home that some previously weren’t able to. Along with the pros of gaining another learning source, there are some worries on how this might affect the daily lives of students.

Taking notes and making flashcards on paper has been proven to be more beneficial than typing them up. When making flashcards, writing down the definitions helps you study before you even go through the cards. Making your own study sets also helps students use their own knowledge rather than something they found online. Using online notes does help students to not lose things they’ve written but memorizing flashcards may be harder doing it through the computer screen. The study method of students could potentially change to online based on the way teachers decide to run their classes. While using technology to take notes in class could be faster and more efficient, writing down notes with an old-fashioned pen and paper might be the way to go.

Getting homework done at home will become an easier task now having access to the internet, but will the ability to bring school home cause the amount of work to go up? The work load at Kennedy is already enough to stress out many students, so adding even more because teachers can decide to wouldn’t be as beneficial as you might think. Increasing the work load will only put students under mores stress. There is no problem with having homework done on line, if the amount of work isn’t increasing because just because we are gained that access. Homework can be completed online if students are able to get it done as well as something they would have had to write on paper in the past.

This past winter, the Midwest was hit hard with snow, ice, and below freezing temps, which caused many school cancelations. Would the new technology allow us to work from home and continue work for classes even on a snow day? I think that being able to have teachers send work home would be beneficial if the work from home could count towards our hours and allow for less make up days. In my opinion, students will only be willing to do work during the snow day if they didn’t have to make it up at the end of the year.

Going one-to-one is really going to benefit our school and make it easier for students to have access online at home. Along with the good, there can also be some negatives based on how Kennedy deals with the new way of learning. If students can reach their full potential in the classroom, the extra technology will only benefit out school.