The Cold that Helps

Cryotherapy being used to help treat people for pain and other problems.


Chris WorthingtonBarens

Cryotherapy being used on someone

Cryotherapy is using liquid nitrogen to treat pain and joint/muscle. It can sound very big, ominous, and expensive, but is not the case when it comes to Total Rejuvenation. Total rejuvenation is a therapy group, but not for mental health. Instead, Total Rejuvenation does a form of physical therapy.

The people at Total Rejuvenation do things a bit differently, they focus more on helping the mind and body at the same time rather than just one. The cryotherapy is by far their most popular package.

The cryotherapy is cold. What they are doing is boiling off liquid nitrogen and pumping it into the main chamber. That part isn’t really that bad, until the fan turns on. Then it will get very cold.

The lowest “cryo-zone” starts at is about -166 degrees Fahrenheit and can go down to -319. The cryo-pod can get even colder with the more people that go before you. They can also start with warm air then pump in the cold air.

This form of therapy can be dangerous if you’re pregnant, have a heart condition, or have a history of blood flow related issues. Don’t wear any metal below the neck when you go into the cryo-pod because, the metal can cause frostbite.

Going into the cryo-pod and doing a session is safe. If you start to feel pain or if it gets too cold for you, you can just open the door and step out of the cryo-pod. If it is the nitrogen gas that has you worried, it is fine. Most of the atmosphere is nitrogen, and there are sensors in the room to make sure the nitrogen gas doesn’t go past a specific point. There will also be a certified cryotherapy technician in the room with you.

Also, you aren’t going to be wearing much when you’re in the cryo-pod. If you’re a guy, then you just get your underwear, if you’re a girl, you can wear either underwear or swimsuit. If you’re a girl and wear a bra in the cryo-pod, make sure it doesn’t have any metal in it. You will be given a robe, wool socks and rubber slippers before entering the pod. Once in the pod, you will be given some wool gloves, but you will have to give up your robe until the session is over.

Over all, the cold isn’t that unpleasant. After the session is over you need to stay hydrated. Your body just got hit with more concentrated nitrogen gas then it is used too. It is just this dry cold that is kind of nice after a bit. If you had any tension in your muscle or pain it is just gone.

My body just felt amazing afterwards. The cold is not the worst until the fan turns on, but after that is over and I started to warm up I had no lower back pain. My joints all loosened up after that and the next few days were just amazing. The cold in a way, got rid of the stress I was feeling for the past month. The cryotherapy was just amazing in helping me just relax. 

Just go check out local cryotherapy places and if you’re not the biggest fan of the cold, chances are they will have some other things for you to go and try.