Cold World

Recent temperatures have had us under freezing and keeping us from exploring our world.


Sam Miranda

The amount of snow that fell on the Jan. 24.

Samuel Miranda, Writer

Iowa has gotten some dangerous weather conditions in the recent weeks. The weather has thrown so much at the Cedar Rapids community that the CRCSD has had eight days cancelled so far. This has started a bit of confusion with how the district is going to make them up.

Most school related events were cancelled or rescheduled due to the weather and dangerous road conditions

“Driving in this weather can be scary,” Kennedy German teacher, Timothy O’Brien said.

School was even shortened on several days due to the weather getting worse by the time we were supposed to release. These road conditions have been very similar to the ones we had on Dec. 4 and with the cold it only makes it worse.

Sports and clubs were affected heavily by these conditions. Clubs were entirely cancelled, and sports games were either cancelled outright or rescheduled. Some winter sports managed to just get out of it and only having some practices cancelled, like wrestling. Sports had several games and practices rescheduled and cancelled due to this weather.

“We would have weeks where all of our practices were cancelled but the games weren’t,”  Freshman Gold Basketball Coach, Chris Gehrls said. “This makes it very hard to put together a game plan or even to review our offensive and defensive sets.”

Varsity Basketball Head Coach Jon McKowen thinks the rescheduled games are “Just another distraction that we have to deal with.”

These past few weeks have also brought along some of the coldest temperatures that Cedar Rapids had in a couple of years. On Wednesday Jan. 30, Cedar Rapids had temperatures of -26 degrees and had a windchill of around -60 degrees. This was the coldest temperature that has been seen on that day in 10 years and the coldest windchill since the 1980’s.  These temperatures also didn’t make the roads any better, keeping the ice that was already there frozen and causing one of the many snow days the District had.

The temperatures are now slowly on the rise and might cause a few more issues if it drops below freezing with the melted snow on the ground. Other than that, our long-awaited Spring is just around the corner.