Vol. 52 Issue 1: Staff Editorial


Jenna Anderson

Kennedy students struggle with anxiety on a daily basis. Photo by Jenna Anderson.

Torch Staff

Students at high school are consistently on the run between endless activities. Extracurriculars, jobs, sports, and trying to be with friends as much as we can keep us busy seven days a week. Without homework, we are already stretched thin and pushing as few hours of sleep each night as possible, but at what cost? This generation of high school students has extremely unhealthy mental health habits, and it’s an endless cycle of toxicity that is part of a larger problem. Anxiety, depression, and mental illness has attacked this generation like no other, and going home after school and numerous activities only to open back up the books is in no way helping. Homework is a vital part of retainment and absorption of knowledge and information from classes, but too much leads to extremely toxic habits that affect the mental health of students dangerously fast. Seven classes with only a little bit of homework in each is still hours of homework at the end of the day. Teachers, stop pretending to take consideration of our busy lives and actually do it. Give us the weekend, more than just a day, make arrangements for students with especially busy evenings. Every little bit helps a student achieve a healthier mental state and with that comes more engaged students ready to learn.