Cougars, Getting in Gear For Canned Food Drive

Kennedy High School is back with the annual food drive.


The Kennedy Student Government is bringing back the canned food drive for another year. The canned food drive will go from the 22 to the 26. To participate in the canned food drive, bring any non-perishable items to your fifth hour class. If your class is not participating bring the canned items to room 164. There will be mystery prizes for the class with the most canned items and for the class with the best sculpture.

“The goal is to stock up local food pantries before the demand goes up in winter,” Joe Benedict, student government advisor said.

All items collected will go to local food pantries, including the veteran’s food bank, and other food banks that need or want it. Student government encourages students to bring in any canned item. Some of the more requested items include soups and vegetables.

The goal of the food drive is to bring in 1400 to 2000 items. The main purpose of this is to help people who need it the most, like the veteran’s who served this country. They are some of the most deserving of this food drive.