The Menagerie: Student End of the Year Art Show

AP Art History students curated a display of over 300 pieces created by Kennedy Students in the art programs at Kennedy.

Anna Reinhart, Opinion Editor

As the school year comes to a close, students in the art programs at Kennedy had a chance to show off their work one last time. Photography, ceramics, paintings, drawings, videos, and sculptures were all displayed at The Menagerie.

On Friday, May 18, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., artwork from dozens of  Kennedy art students was showcased in the Kennedy Band Room for the end of the year art show entitled The Menagerie. The outstanding artwork was recognized by all who attended the show.

Visitors also had some options to participate in the art show. Outside the band room, there was chalk for attendees to make some art of their own on the sidewalks. There was also the option of having an art student give a Henna tattoo, which were $3 for a smaller one and $5 for a larger one.

Everything except for these Henna tattoos was free, including cookies, lemonade, and admission. Artwork created by students was available for purchase by any attendees, and some of the first place ribbons were tempting. Kayleigh Lemly’s sculpture of a boot filled with roses earned her a first place prize at the show. A wire, yarn, and wood sculpture entitled ‘Fuzzy Thoughts’ earned Charlie Chamberlain Best in Show. These prizes were awarded to students by Kristina Dvorak and Patricia Walsh, the judges of The Menagerie.

Now that the days left this school year are numbered, students involved in the Kennedy Art Programs had a chance to showcase their work one last time this year. For the seniors, it was the last time their work will be displayed at Kennedy.