Anna Reinhart, Opinion Editor

In my three years at Kennedy, I’ve grown as both a person and a student. This is all thanks to primarily my teachers. As a part of Teacher Appreciation Week, I’m sharing one thing I’m thankful for that some of my favorite teachers have done for me.

Mrs. Feilmeier-Marzen: Thank you for teaching me how to study in high school, and for always making me laugh on my toughest days. I’m so glad you were my first AP teacher.

Mrs. Melone: Thank you for making my sophomore year enjoyable. AP Psych was my favorite class last year, I wish I was taking it next year so I could hang with Phinny but I’m so glad I still get to see you every day.

Mrs. Kaspar: Thank you for being the most understanding teacher I’ve ever known. It was my pleasure to take your class this year, please continue to inspire and teach every student the way you taught me.

Mrs. Hrubes: Thank you for finally making math a fun class to go to this year. Every single day you never fail to put a smile on my face with your jokes and your stories. This was the first math class I’ve taken that I’ve truly enjoyed.

Señora Gardner: Thank you for creating such an open and accepting environment in your classroom. Every time I walk into your class, I walk out feeling much less stressed out, even if I’m taking a test next period.

Mr. Anderson: Thank you for making history fun. Your stories of when you grew up in the South make me laugh no matter how stressed I might be. Thank you for being the most respectful teacher that treats your students like adults.

Mr. Neff: Thank you for opening your classroom to me freshman year during SMART Lunch. You have become one of the highlights of my day when I eat in your classroom during B Lunch. Popcorn in your room has become my favorite daily tradition. Thank you for always putting me in a better mood, and thank you for always telling my mom I’m a good kid.

Dr. HM: Thank you for getting me interested in my favorite activity at Kennedy. Becoming involved in the journalism program at Kennedy has become one of the best things that I’ve done in my high school career. Thank you for teaching me how to talk to new people, and helping me become informed and entrenched in what happens at my school. I wish you could understand how lucky I know I am because I’ve had you as a teacher.