The Cons of Gun Control

Josh Sheeley, Writer

Recently in America, a hot topic is talking about guns, school shootings, who’s to blame and what should be done about gun control. Increasing gun control has many flaws in its idea and I believe that increasing gun control is a bad idea.

One impact of America imposing more restrictive gun control laws is that it is a slippery slope; once you start with banning “high capacity magazines,” where does it end? It could end with lawmakers taking away guns from the public which is an inalienable right so it would be unconstitutional for the government to do so, and if the government does take away the American public’s guns, how will the people be able to protect themselves from an overbearing government—such as what happened in pre-revolutionary America.

A second Impact of increasing gun control is that it does not stop crime rates from increasing. While many people believe that there won’t be as many violent crimes if there are tighter gun control laws. However this is a common misconception. If you look at the United Kingdom for example, in 2017 alone, there was a 27 percent rise in firearm crime, and a 19 percent rise in overall violent crime. As the facts prove, it looks like gun control is not working in the United Kingdom.

Furthermore, heavy regulation leads to the proliferation of illicit economies. With that being said, people who want to get guns, may it be by legal or illegal means, will still get guns and will still do harm that they intended  to do before the guns had become illegal.

These are only a few reasons why having tight gun control laws is very bad for the future of America. America is in a state of confusion about what to do with guns in America, and the facts prove, that with some countries that have no guns like the United Kingdom, banning firearms is not a good idea.