Seniors Reminisce About Their Most Memorable Moments at Kennedy


Jamison Prull

Mallory Nesmith, sr., smiles, enjoying the company of others as they make their final touches before taking the stage for Kennedy’s spring musical, The Wedding Singer.

Leeanne Mehring-Cruz, Feature Editor

Senior Mallory Nesmith’s favorite memory happened the closing night of the Wedding Singer, Kennedy’s spring play. Nesmith has been a part of theater and musicals most of her life no matter where she has lived.

“Being part of the musical at Kennedy really made me feel at home,” Nesmith said. “Not only was it my last show at Kennedy, but my last theatre production, so it meant that much more to me.”

As the curtain closed and the rest of the cast and Mallory waved goodbye to the final audience, Nesmith felt sad that such a huge portion of her life was ending.

“[I am] Happy that I could spend it with such amazing company as I did,” Nesmith said.

Senior Blake Jones’ favorite memories happened while participating in track throughout his high school career.

“My first favorite memory was getting third at state as a team in 2016,” Jones said. “This gave me a lot of motivation for my next memory which was placing at state in 2017.”

In the 4×200 Blake Jones and his teammates placed 4th and earning 2nd Team Elite All State.

“That year [2017], I also broke a school record in the 4×200 with 1:27.55 as time,” Jones said. “I will cherish these memories the rest of my life and it has been and honor being a cougar.”

This was Jones’ last season of track and his goal for this year was to be a state champion. His father was a wrestling state champion when he went to Washington High School. Jones has gotten the state title but not champion and that is what he wants to be.

“Ever since I was a little kid I had the dream of being an all state athlete and being on a great team that dream has came true since I have been at Kennedy,” Jones said.

For senior Jose Juarez, being a part of the Chinese language and culture have been his favorite memories at Kennedy. His class started as 12 students and has shrunk down to six in the past four years.

“We went to speaking competitions together and performed embarrassing, but creative skits every Chinese New Year,” Juarez said.

The students went to Chinatown with their teacher, Grant Brown, who Jose has much appreciation for.

“We became a family and will always be family even after we graduate,” Juarez said.

Jose’s other favorite memories are prom, being a part of Mentors for Violence Prevention (MVP), the Quiz-Bowl, and getting to know the exchange students that come to Kennedy.

“If I had any regrets, it’s that I didn’t speak to more people,” Juarez said. “My advice for lower classmates it to be yourself and don’t be scared about everyone else.”

Jamison Prull
Mallory Nesmith, sr., preparing for showtime.
Jamison Prull
Mallory Nesmith, sr., smiles into the mirror, enjoying the company of others and brushing her hair for final touches
Photo provided by Blake Jones
Blake Jones, sr., slyly smiles, ready to dust past his opponents in track.
Photo provided by Blake Jones
Blake Jones, sr., poses with teammates for track during state.
Photo provided by Jose Juarez
Jose Juarez, sr., dressed up before homecoming.