Isaac Toth: Pursuing Art School


Isaac Toth

Another one of Toth’s pieces, titled “Funny Hands.”

Josh Sheeley, Writer

Isaac Toth
One of Isaac Toth’s pieces, titled “Asian American Home.”


Senior Isaac Toth is an aspiring young artist who wished to get a college scholarship to do something that he loves, and his dream came true. Toth will be attending Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida.

Toth has loved to draw ever since he was a kid, but never thought about it being a career for him until the end of his sophomore year. This rediscovery of a love of art for Toth came from self-reflection.

“I wanted more than a boring job, I wanted a career that could grow and change,” Toth said. “It’s not a career where you punch in your eight hours and go home.”

Toth mainly likes to draw people, cartoons, and whatever he is bad at. Before Toth took AP Art History and AP Studio, his drawings were purely aesthetic.

“After taking those classes my art has more meaning,” Toth said.

When Toth applied for Ringling College of Art and Design, he had to submit a portfolio of 10 to 20 art pieces.

“They mainly looked for quality over a variety of mediums,” Toth said. “They wanted to see observational pieces of the hands, feet, head, as well as creativity.”

One major pull factor that got Toth to accept the offer to Ringling, was the great computer animation program. He made sure to go and visit the campus and talk to the faculty at Ringling.

Being an artist, Toth is on a time crunch for most of his artwork.

“Time management is important in art, anyone can make a piece look good if they spend enough time on it,” Toth said. “I usually try to finish a drawing piece within a week, but if I add more detail then it can take up to two weeks.”