Freshmen Class Members Asked to Consider Running in Student Elections

Grace Hanrahan, Writer

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Student class officers will be elected later this spring, but many freshmen aren’t aware that they are eligible to run. There are different positions to consider such as president, vice president, and treasury that organize class events throughout the year.

“This class has already started off on the right foot, from organizing their t-shirt sales and showing their spirit during pep assemblies. They have a lot of drive and I would love to see many of them running for office,” 2021 class sponsor and Spanish teacher Alison Gardner said.

Freshman Braden Hoyer says that he wants to run for office “because I loved planning the pep assemblies and the parades and being in the group that managed those things and I believe I have good leadership, I bring a positive attitude, and I’m always open for new ideas.”

These roles in the student body require leadership, management, spirit, and organization.

Students interested in being involved should contact teachers Joe Benedict and Dana Melone, or class sponsors Heather Zwanziger and Alison Gardner.