Spring is in the Air

Warmer weather gets us outside and feeling better


Placer Land Trust

We welcomed spring of 2018 on Tuesday, March 20.

As Iowans begin to crawl out of hibernation, moods shift to an energized “springy” vibe. Vitamin D is an excellent resource, as it provides us with calcium to strengthen us, and helps fight depression and diseases.

We’re walking and biking. Tracksters run outdoors and students strolling through campus. The glimpse of sun we’ve been exposed to recently keeps us on the edge of our seats for spring and brightens the spirits of many students here at Kennedy.

Not only are people livelier, but students have a stronger and more focused mindset academically. A study at Penn State resulted in discovering that, “Students retained higher GPA’s in the spring when the weather is looking up and typically nicer. In addition, most students had high scores on tests and assignments in the spring seasons, leading to a potential link between seasonal changes and success.”

Spring break reduces our student stress levels while giving us time to relax and gather ourselves before school picks up. The break is valued and necessary for us to recharge and focus on our mental health. Teens face enormous amounts of stress in school lives, especially active student athletes. Keeping our sleep, social life, and eating schedules level and in balance is essential for a healthy life style.

Getting a dose of vitamin D and relaxing with the warmer weather can benefit us in many ways, especially after being busily trapped indoors throughout the winter. Once March finally makes up its mind and determines an average weather schedule, then our opportunities will grow for outdoor activities.

So, as spring kicks in, remember to enjoy the warming fresh air and take care.