District Support Staff Hiring Event


ELSC building located on 2500 Edgewood road NW

Shaun Pothepalli, Writer

When you think about applying for a job, you would most likely imagine going through an interview.

This however wasn’t the case on Tuesday, Jan. 29.

CRCSD hosted a one-time event at the ELSC from 5 pm to 8 pm, where grads or anyone with educational credentials, could apply for positions for in elementary, middle, or high schools around the district, without even going through a one on one interview.

There is a shortage of teachers around the nation, with fewer people choosing to major in education. Similarly, there are 14 positions for teachers open in the district, and the goal is to get as many people as they can to fill in these empty positions.

The district wants as many of these slots to be filled in, especially by substitute teachers.

Dr. Carlos Grant, who oversees CRCSD’s six middle schools, wants to provide a comfortable and safe environment for substitute teachers through the students, in the hopes they will transition into full time teachers. By establishing this, he would be able to fill all the empty slots, and secure teaching positions.

The recent hiring event was for teachers only, however there will be another hiring event held at ELSC, for people attaining other positions in the schools like bus drivers, nurses, cafeteria staff, and other paid professionals.

This second hiring event originally set a week later on Feb. 6. Because of the bad weather and dangerous road conditions however, the event has been postponed and will be set at a later date.