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Hannah Ratzer

The People Pleaser Sandwich for $11

Hannah Ratzer, Arts and Culture Editor

I walked into gumption. on a sunny afternoon, and was greeted by a friendly smile and an open multi-colored room with taglines printed onto the floor. I sat down in a booth, the illuminated letters on the wall behind me spelling out gumption.

Water clinked in a see-through glass as it was set down in front of me. I couldn’t help but gush at its cuteness.

Rustic and chic, gumption. was pinterest perfect. With chairs and tables scattered across the room, wire lights hanging from the ceiling, and pictures of psychedelic cows it was fun and brought a smile to my face.

gumption.’s tagline is farm to fork, and the restaurant features organic farm to table food. The rustic barn feel helped add to this brand, allowing you to feel like your food was fresh and authentic.

gumption. was also environmentally conscious, I took home my leftover food in a recyclable to go box.

gumption. had two menus, the main menu, which featured a large selection of both breakfast and lunch options, and a drink menu, which featured smoothie and coffee options.

After looking through the menus, I ordered the Sweet Berry Crunch Cakes, pancakes with berry cereal baked in for a total of $8. The pancakes were fluffy and moist, and full of buttermilk flavor.

The menus also contained a multitude of gluten free and vegan options. The foods were given fun names, making them unique and matching the gumption. brand.

The food was reasonably priced taking into consideration the organic and farm to table concept.

gumption. was friendly to all ages, and was even fun for families, having a basket of board games available to entertain children, as well as a kid’s menu. gumption. offered booths, tables, a bar, and couches to sit in, all while allowing customers to not feel cramped.  

My lasting impression of gumption. was one of positivity. With the bill came a kindness card, something to remind people to perform simple acts of kindness and reenter the world with a smile. This positive energy was what impressed me most about gumption.

gumption. is located at 560 Boyson Rd NE Suite A, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402 and is open from 6:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily.

Hannah Ratzer
Sweet Berry Crunch Cakes for $8
Hannah Ratzer
The water glasses at gumption.
Hannah Ratzer
gumption.’s exterior at 560 Boyson Rd.