Studying Tips for Finals


Finals are on Wednesday, Jan. 10, Thursday, Jan. 11, and Friday, Jan. 12.

“Students should prepare for finals by having discussions with peers, reviewing notes, or making flashcards,” Olivia Schirm, jr., said.

Schirm does her homework during Smart Time so that she doesn’t have to worry about it and will have more time to study later.

“I’ll spend about 10 minutes studying at night, and it really helps me be prepared for the finals,” Schirm said.

Schirm gets distracted easily but she says, “limiting myself really helps me concentrate more.” She sets a goal to herself because if she doesn’t, she loses track of what’s important.

Sophomore Trinity Wiley studies a week or two before finals. When she has free time at school, she studies a little bit on each subject.

“The best way for me to concentrate is to put my phone away and work in a quiet workplace,” Wiley said.

Wiley suggests students to, “study with a friend, because they might be able to explain something you don’t understand.”

“A piece of advice I would give students is to not wait until the last minute,” Wiley said. “It’s better to study for a few minutes everyday the week before finals.”