“Kicking” the Holidays in Gear


Hannah Maus

The varsity dance team poses before their Christmas Kick performance last December.

Jenna Anderson, Co Editor-in-Chief

Kennedy’s Varsity Dance Team will be performing their annual “Christmas Kick” routine this Friday, Dec. 15, at the varsity boy’s basketball game.

“I love performing with all of my best friends on the team, and it gets me in the holiday spirit,” Hannah Maus, jr., said.

As always, fans will be able to guess how many kicks the dancers do during the performance. Although dancers can’t cast a vote, they will be guessing the number of kicks as well.

“We find out when everyone else does, that way it’s more fun for everyone to make their own guess,” Halle Hill, jr., said. “Our coach doesn’t tell us just in case anyone on the team would accidentally tell someone, so it’s a fair game for everyone.”

Tickets for guessing will be sold at the game, or students can also stop by Coach Arends’ room (103) this week to purchase them. Tickets are $1 for one guess, $5 for seven guesses, or $10 for 15.

“The ticket money goes towards our regional competition, ” Katie Kolthoff, sr., said. “It helps with hotel fees, food, and things like that.”

The winner who guesses the exact (or closest) number of kicks will be awarded $50 cash.