Show choir kicks off season with dessert concert


Bailey Steinke, jr., frames herself between two performers as she sings her solo.

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Thursday, Jan. 12 marks the beginning of Happiness Inc’s 2012 season with the annual Dessert Concert. The Dessert Concert previews the full showing of Happiness, Protégé, and Chanteurs’s entire show, along with deserts and drinks preceding the shows.

Following the Dessert Concert, Saturday, Jan. 14 starts the first official show choir competition that Happiness will compete in. The competition takes place at Linn Mar High School in Marion, Iowa. Kennedy was awarded second place at Linn Mar’s competition last year. Happiness members are hoping for a big start to the season.

“We’re using the same formula from previous years, but adding in new things,” Melanie Abzug, sr., said.

Over the years Happiness has received numerous awards for their outstanding performances; First at Davenport, Third at Lacrosse, along with various awards for best choreography, band, and male or female soloists.

Spending so much time together might cause friction, but for this group it seems as though everyone is one big family.

“The group is a lot closer together this year compared to this time last year,” Austin Wilson, sr., said.

Happiness has practice approximately eight hours a week, along with class to practice in every other day, all in order to live up to such a highly honored title. The pressure is on for America’s Favorite Show Choir.

“We’re going to try really hard to live up to our new title,” Storm Ziegler, Director of Happiness Inc., said.